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  • Northeast Asia Peace and Cooperation Forum 2017

    2017.11.14 Tuesday View : 12,865



  • The Sejong Institute-Stanford APARC Symposium

    2017.06.21 Wednesday View : 16,675

    On Wednesday, June 28, the Sejong Institute and Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center​ of Stanford University hold a symposium on "A Step Forward: The ROK-US Alliance and North Korea" at Korea Press Center. This event is open to public. (Korean-English simultaneous interpretation provided.)Enquiries: Research Planning...

  • The 4th Thesis Competition on Korea-Japan-China Trilateral Cooperation

    2017.06.01 Thursday View : 17,517

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Sejong Institute calls for undergraduate and graduate students to participate in the thesis competition on the subject of Korea-Japan-China trilateral cooperation. * For more information, please contact the Sejong Institute or refer to the attached files - Sejong Institute: public@sejo...

  • 박사 후 객원연구위원 초빙

    2016.11.14 Monday View : 25,953

                 박사 후 객원연구위원 초빙세종연구소는 나라의 안전과 남북통일 및 대외정책 연구를 수행하는공익민간연구소로서 다음과 같이 박사 후 객원연구위원을 초빙하고자 합니다.   1. 자격 및 모집인원     1) 자격: 박사학위 취득자(1~2년 이내) 및 예정자  ...


  • 박사 후 객원연구위원 채용 공고

    2016.11.14 Monday View : 20,577

                박사 후 객원연구위원 채용 공​고1. 자격 및 모집인원     1) 자격: 박사학위 취득자(1~2년 이내) 및 예정자     2) 분야: 미국 정치 및 공공외교, 남북한, 유럽 등     3) 인원: 0명   2. 연구기간: 10개월   3. 근무: 비...


  • The Sejong Institute-Stanford APARC Symposium

    2016.11.04 Friday View : 9,121

    On Tuesday, November 15, 2016, the Sejong Institute will be holding a symposium with the Stanford APARC on the topic of "The New U.S. Administration's East Asian Policy and the Korean Peninsula." This event is open to all interested participants.Enquiries: Research Planning Division, the Sejong Institute (031-750-7613)​ 

  • Sejong Institute-Korea National Defense University Academic Conference

    2016.06.01 Wednesday View : 6,412

    The Sejong Institute-KNDU Joint Academic Conference■ Date: Wednesday, June 8, 2016■ ​Time: 09:00 ~ 17:30■ ​Venue: The Plaza Hotel, Seoul (Diamond Hall)■ ​Subject: Northeast Asia's Security Crisis: Assessment and SolutionsFor more information, please refer to the program attached.Research Planning Division, The Sejong Insti...

  • Thesis Competition on Korea-Japan-China Trilateral Cooperation

    2016.05.26 Thursday View : 5,846

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Sejong Institute are pleased to welcome students in their undergraduate and graduate programs for a thesis competition on the subject of Korea-Japan-China trilateral cooperation. Please refer to the attached files for more information and the guidelines. 

  • Academic Conference Commemorating the 30th Anniversary of the Sejong Institute

    2016.05.18 Wednesday View : 3,397

    In celebration of the 30th anniversary, the Sejong Institute will hold a special academic conference commemorating its 30 years of history. ■ Date: Friday, May 20, 2016 ■ Time: 10:00 ~ 17:30■ Venue: Grand Conference Hall, The Sejong InstituteFor further information, please refer to the attached program.  

  • 31st Sejong National Strategy Forum

    2016.04.18 Monday View : 8,686

    The 31st Sejong National Strategy Forum is scheduled to be held on Thursday, April 21, 2016 on the subject of "Tasks for the Next Government: Foreign Policy, National Security, and Unification."Date: Thursday, April 21, 2016Time: 09:45-17:30Venue: The Sejong Institute (Grand Conference Hall)Forum Schedule09:00-09...