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  • Northeast Asia Peace and Cooperation Forum 2018

    2018.11.16 Friday View : 483

    The Sejong Institute, together with the Jeju Peace Institute, will be hosting the Northeast Asia Peace and Cooperation Forum 2018 with the sponsorship from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For registration, please send your name and affiliation to by Thursday, November 22.  


  • Northeast Asia Peace and Cooperation Forum 2017

    2017.11.14 Tuesday View : 13,789



  • The Sejong Institute-Stanford APARC Symposium

    2017.06.21 Wednesday View : 17,613

    On Wednesday, June 28, the Sejong Institute and Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center​ of Stanford University hold a symposium on "A Step Forward: The ROK-US Alliance and North Korea" at Korea Press Center. This event is open to public. (Korean-English simultaneous interpretation provided.)Enquiries: Research Planning...

  • The 4th Thesis Competition on Korea-Japan-China Trilateral Cooperation

    2017.06.01 Thursday View : 18,442

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Sejong Institute calls for undergraduate and graduate students to participate in the thesis competition on the subject of Korea-Japan-China trilateral cooperation. * For more information, please contact the Sejong Institute or refer to the attached files - Sejong Institute: public@sejo...

  • 박사 후 객원연구위원 초빙

    2016.11.14 Monday View : 26,882

                 박사 후 객원연구위원 초빙세종연구소는 나라의 안전과 남북통일 및 대외정책 연구를 수행하는공익민간연구소로서 다음과 같이 박사 후 객원연구위원을 초빙하고자 합니다.   1. 자격 및 모집인원     1) 자격: 박사학위 취득자(1~2년 이내) 및 예정자  ...


  • 박사 후 객원연구위원 채용 공고

    2016.11.14 Monday View : 21,288

                박사 후 객원연구위원 채용 공​고1. 자격 및 모집인원     1) 자격: 박사학위 취득자(1~2년 이내) 및 예정자     2) 분야: 미국 정치 및 공공외교, 남북한, 유럽 등     3) 인원: 0명   2. 연구기간: 10개월   3. 근무: 비...


  • The Sejong Institute-Stanford APARC Symposium

    2016.11.04 Friday View : 9,293

    On Tuesday, November 15, 2016, the Sejong Institute will be holding a symposium with the Stanford APARC on the topic of "The New U.S. Administration's East Asian Policy and the Korean Peninsula." This event is open to all interested participants.Enquiries: Research Planning Division, the Sejong Institute (031-750-7613)​ 

  • Sejong Institute-Korea National Defense University Academic Conference

    2016.06.01 Wednesday View : 6,542

    The Sejong Institute-KNDU Joint Academic Conference■ Date: Wednesday, June 8, 2016■ ​Time: 09:00 ~ 17:30■ ​Venue: The Plaza Hotel, Seoul (Diamond Hall)■ ​Subject: Northeast Asia's Security Crisis: Assessment and SolutionsFor more information, please refer to the program attached.Research Planning Division, The Sejong Insti...

  • Thesis Competition on Korea-Japan-China Trilateral Cooperation

    2016.05.26 Thursday View : 6,009

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Sejong Institute are pleased to welcome students in their undergraduate and graduate programs for a thesis competition on the subject of Korea-Japan-China trilateral cooperation. Please refer to the attached files for more information and the guidelines. 

  • Academic Conference Commemorating the 30th Anniversary of the Sejong Institute

    2016.05.18 Wednesday View : 3,563

    In celebration of the 30th anniversary, the Sejong Institute will hold a special academic conference commemorating its 30 years of history. ■ Date: Friday, May 20, 2016 ■ Time: 10:00 ~ 17:30■ Venue: Grand Conference Hall, The Sejong InstituteFor further information, please refer to the attached program.