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National Strategy, a National Research Foundation of Korea registered publication,is a quarterly periodical which aims to provide a forum for the exchange of expertise and opinions, and contribute to national strategy development.

National Strategy


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  • National Strategy 24-3 (Fall)

    2018.09.01 Saturday View : 88 Youjung Lee ・Geunwook Lee, Baekju Kim, Cheon Woon Choi ・Tae Yong Jung ・Donghun Kim, Kuyoun Chung

    English AbstractsTable of Contents​1. Fighting Another Cold War: the US-Soviet Competition and North Korea’s Nuclear Arsenal - Youjung Lee ・Geunwook Lee2. Has the China-North Korea Alliance Changed?: Focusing on the Causes Behind the Formation and Maintenance of Alliance - Baekju Kim3. An Analysis on the Site Conditions of Special Ec...

  • National Strategy 24-2 (Summer)

    2018.06.01 Friday View : 96 Seong-Ho Sheen, Sang Hyun Lee, Byung Sun Baek, Min Hyoung Park・Kang Yoon Kim, etc.

    English AbstractsTable of Contents​1. Deepening of US-China Nuclear Security Dilemma in the 21st Century: View from Robert Jervis’ Nuclear Deterrence and Security Dilemma - Seong-Ho Sheen2. Trump Administration’s National Security Strategy: Security Implications for Global Affairs and the Korean Peninsula - Sang Hyun Lee3. The Prospect...

  • National Strategy 24-1 (Spring)

    2018.03.01 Thursday View : 6,819 Jeong Kyung Seo, Tae Hyun Kim, Jang-Kwon Moon​​, Jeeyong Kim​​, Heon Yong Sim​

    Table of Contents​1. Prospects of China’s Foreign Policy under Xi Jinping: After the 19th CPC National Congress - Jeong Kyung Seo​​2. West Germany’s Psychological Warfare during Cold War and Its Implications: Constructive Propaganda - Tae Hyun Kim​​3. A Study on the Determinants of North Korea’s Nucle...

  • National Strategy 23-4 (Winter)

    2017.12.01 Friday View : 10,349 Changhee Park, Hanbyeol Sohn​, Jae-Seung Lee and Yong Tae Kim​, Chang-Gun Park​, Jae Cheol Kim​

    ​Table of Contents​1. South Korea’s Military Strategy to Counter North Korean Nuclear Threats - Changhee Park​2. Strategic Coercion toward a Nuclear-armed State: A study on the 1999 Kargil War - Hanbyeol Sohn​3. Strategic Review of U.S. LNG Import: Economic and Political Implications for South Korea - Jae-...

  • National Strategy 23-3 (Fall)

    2017.09.01 Friday View : 13,862 Wooyeal Paik, Soo Jung et al., Seung Yul Oh, Jong-Woon Lee, Jae Ok Paek, Sangbae Kim, Kyungyon Moon

    ​Table of Contents​ 1. Strategies and Policies of South Korean Public Diplomacy: Preliminary Conceptualization of Its Typology - Wooyeal Paik 2. A Study on the Role of Airpower in KMPR Operations: Focused on ISR and PGMs Capability - Soo Jung, Kwanhaeng Cho, and Sungpyo Hong 3. The Korean Peninsula as a Strategic...

  • National Strategy 23-2 (Summer)

    2017.06.02 Friday View : 16,837 Sung Hoon Lee, Jun-Hyuk Park, Hwee Rhak Park, Seung-chan Boo, Taekyoon Kim, Byung Sun Baek, etc.

    Table of Contents1. The Study of Small States’ Influence in Asymmetrical Relations: Focused on the Capability of State and Decision Maker’s Circumstance Perception - Sung Hoon Lee2. America’s Third Offset Strategy: Trends, Potential Impacts on the Korean Peninsula and Application Methods - Jun-Hyuk Park3. An Analysis on the Desirabi...

  • National Strategy 23-1 (Spring)

    2017.03.15 Wednesday View : 12,470 Ildo Hwang, Dohyuk Kwon & Seok-jin Lew, Sangkuk Lee, Sojin Lim, Dae Jin Yi & Jun Hee Woo, etc.

     ​​​Table of Contents1. Alliances and Nuclear Sharing: the Case of NATO and the Implications on Reintroducing of TNW into the Korean Peninsula - Ildo Hwang2. Is Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement a Result of Compliance or Choice?: Focusing on Drug-Related Aspect of Intellectual Property Rights - Dohyuk Kwon & Seok-jin Lew3. Ch...

  • National Strategy 22-4 (Winter)

    2016.12.08 Thursday View : 9,347 Kyung-Mo Ahn, Hansoo Lee & Jinsoo Park, Seong-ho Sheen, Kwan-Haeng Cho & Heon Joo Jung, etc.

    Table of Contents1. From Bandwagoning to Balancing: The Change of North Korean Foreign Strategy, 2008-2016 - Kyung-Mo Ahn2. Interest-based Perceptions on Unification and Policy Preferences in South Korea - Hansoo Lee & Jinsoo Park3. Imbalance of Deterrence: Nuclear Triad, Nuclear Strategy, and US-China Military Competition - Seo...

  • National Strategy 22-3 (Fall)

    2016.09.08 Thursday View : 8,827 Tae Hyun Kim, Bomi Kim, Yu-Ree Kim, In Joo Yoon, Jun Young Choi, Sung Woo Lee, NH Park & MH Chung


  • National Strategy 22-2 (Summer)

    2016.06.10 Friday View : 6,741 Young-June Park, Hwee Rhak Park, Yong Wook Lee, YoungJa Bae, Chi-Wook Kim, Sun-Woo Lee