Academic Events

The Sejong Institute holds small-scale academic workshops, such as visiting fellow and expert seminars and breakfast forums.



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  • The 2nd Roundtable Discussion with Representatives from Indonesias Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    2012.02.29 Wednesday View : 1,409

    On February 28th, 2012, the Sejong Institute held a roundtable discussion with representatives from Indonesia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Center for Policy Analysis and Development on Asia-Pacific and Africa Regions, led by Director Siswo Pramono. Dr. Dae Sung Song, President of the Sejong Institute, and Sejong’s research fellows pa...


  • Pyongyang Advances It's Nuclear Program While Talks Remain Stalled

    2012.02.03 Friday View : 891 Siegfried S. Hecker

  • The 1st Roundtable Discussions with Amb. Karen Wolstenholme: British ambassador to Pyongyang, DPRK

    2012.01.20 Friday View : 1,350

    DATE: 2012-01-19 LOCATION: Small Conference Room, Sejong Institute MODERATOR: Dr. Eunsook Chung, Vice President, Sejong Institute TOPIC: Post KIM Jong-il North Korea and Korean Peninsula On the 19th of January, 2012, the Sejong Institute held a roundtable discussion with Ambassador Karen Wolstenholme. The roundtable discussion wa...


  • The 12th Visiting Fellow Seminar: Jongdae Choi

    2011.12.29 Thursday View : 1,416

    SUBJECT: The 12th Visiting Fellow Seminar DATE: 2011-12-22 LOCATION: Round Table Meeting Room, Sejong Institute TOPIC: Rethinking Changes in the 1960's South Korean Politics PRESENTATION: Dr. Jongdae Choi MODERATOR: Dr. Un-Chul Yang PARTICIPANTS: Research fellows of the Sejong Institute The Sejong Institute held its 12th Vis...


  • The 11th Policy Symposium: Yang Moon-Soo

    2011.12.15 Thursday View : 1,439

    The Sejong Institute held its 11th Policy Symposium on December 09, 2011, with Professor Yang Moon-Soo. The University of North Korean Studies Professor Yang Moon-Soo presented on "Privatization in North Korea: Statistical Approach". The symposium was moderated by Director Yang Un-Chul and attended by research fellows from the Sejong I...


  • The 7th Sejong National Strategy Breakfast Forum

    2011.12.15 Thursday View : 1,442

    SUBJECT: Pyongyang advances its nuclear program while talks remain stalled DATE: 2011-12-14 LOCATION: Lotte Hotel, Seoul GUEST SPEAKER: Siegfried S. Hecker, Co-director of Center for International Security and Cooperation, Stanford University On December 14, 2011, the Sejong Institute held its 7th National Strategy Breakfast Foru...


  • The 10th Policy Symposium: Kim Jungho

    2011.12.01 Thursday View : 1,363

    The Sejong Institute held its 10th Policy Symposium on November 29, 2011, with senior research fellow Kim Jungho. The Export-Import Bank of Korea's senior research fellow Kim Jungho presented on "North Korea's Demand for Foreign Exhcange and the US Response". The symposium was moderated by Director Un-chul Yang and attended by research...


  • The 8th Policy Symposium: Eduardo Viola

    2011.11.23 Wednesday View : 1,347

    SUBJECT: The 8th Policy Symposium: Eduardo Viola DATE: 2011-11-21 TOPIC: International Relations in South America PRESENTATION: Eduardo Viola, Institute of International Relations, University of Brasilia MODERATOR: Vice President Eunsook Chung PARTICIPANTS: Research fellows of the Sejong Institute The Sejong Institute held its...


  • The 11th Visiting Fellow Seminar

    2011.10.12 Wednesday View : 1,400

    On October 10th (Mon) 2011, the Sejong Institute hosted the 11th Visiting Fellow Seminar. Visiting Fellow Dr. Jae-ha Park spoke on the subject "the Today and Tomorrow of IT". The Seminar was attended by President Daesung Song and research fellows from the Sejong Institute, while moderated by Director Miongsei Kang from the Internation...


  • The 5th Roundtable Discussions with Amb. Cyrill Nunn: Director-General for Asian and Pacific Affairs

    2011.10.04 Tuesday View : 1,407

    SUBJECT: Roundtable Discussion with German Amb. Cyrill Nunn: Director-General for Asian and Pacific Affairs DATE: 2011-09-29 LOCATION: Small Conference Room, Sejong Institute MODERATOR: Dr. Un-Chul Yang, Director for Unification Strategy Studies, Sejong Institute TOPIC: An Overview of the Northeast Asia region and ROK-EU Cooperatio...