Academic Events

The Sejong Institute holds small-scale academic workshops, such as visiting fellow and expert seminars and breakfast forums.



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  • The 5th Sejong Policy Symposium: Polands Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    2012.12.11 Tuesday View : 1,492

    The 5th Sejong Policy Symposium: Poland's. Ambassador to South Korea Krzysztof Majka and Representatives from Poland's Ministry of Foreign Affairs The Sejong Institute held its 5th Policy Symposium on December 03, 2012, with Poland's. Ambassador to South Korea Krzysztof Majka, Deputy Director. Marta Zielińska-Śliwka, (Depa...


  • The 4th Sejong Policy Symposium: Former U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan Karl Eikenberry

    2012.11.16 Friday View : 1,408

    The Sejong Institute held its 4rd Policy Symposium on November 14, 2012, with Karl Eikenberry, William J. Perry Fellow in International Security at the Center for International Security and Former U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan. Ambassador Eikenberry presented on "China's National Security Strategy and Military Modernization". Amba...

  • The 15th Visiting Fellow Seminar: Dr. Chong-sung Rah

    2012.07.27 Friday View : 1,517

    SUBJECT: The 15th Visiting Fellow Seminar DATE: 2012-07-24 LOCATION: Round Table Meeting Room, Sejong Institute TOPIC: Preparations for Unification: Disbandment Strategy of the Korean People's Army PRESENTATION: Dr. Chong-sung Rah MODERATOR: Dr. Un-Chul Yang The Sejong Institute held its 15th Visiting Fellow Seminar on July 24,...


  • The 3rd Policy Symposium: Former Vice Chief of Staff of the Air Force General Carrol H. Chandler

    2012.07.05 Thursday View : 1,505

    The Sejong Institute held its 3rd Policy Symposium on July 4, 2012, with Former Vice Chief of Staff of the Air Force General Carrol H. Chandler. General Chandler presented on "US air, space and cyber strategy and its impact on Northeast Asia security". General Chandler's presentation stated that the emergence of China and the inte...

  • The 4th Roundtable Discussion: China Institute of International Studies

    2012.06.21 Thursday View : 1,439

    On June 20, 2012, the Sejong Institute held a roundtable discussion with representatives from China Institute of International Studies (CIIS), led by President Qu Xing. Dr. Dae Sung Song, President of the Sejong Institute, and research fellows from the Sejong Institue participated in the discussion where both parties exchanged candid v...


  • 2012 2nd North Korea Policy Symposium

    2012.05.11 Friday View : 1,426

    On May 10, 2012, the Sejong Institute hosted the 2nd North Korea Policy Symposium at the Renaissance Seoul Hotel, to discuss “the Recent North Korea Situation and Potential for Change.” The symposium started with Sejong Foundation Chairman Chul Hyun Kwon’s opening address and Former National Assembly Speaker Kwan-yong Park's keynote sp...


  • The Third Roundtable Discussion: Center for Naval Analyses (Ken Gause, Tom Bowditch)

    2012.05.02 Wednesday View : 1,485

    On May 2nd, 2012, the Sejong Institute held a roundtable discussion with representatives from Center for Naval Analyses, Center for Strategic Studies, led by Director Ken Gause and Research Fellow Tom Bowditch. Dr. Dae Sung Song, President of the Sejong Institute, and Sejong’s research fellows participated in the discussion where both ...


  • The 1st Workshop

    2012.04.26 Thursday View : 1,471

    The Sejong Institute held the 1st Workshop with two distinguished US scholars on the topic of 'The Security Strategies of China and North Korea'. The workshop initiated with opening comments from President Daesung Song and was moderated by Senior Research Fellow Eunsook Chung. The first panel consisted of Dennis Blasko's (Center for Na...


  • The 8th Sejong National Strategy Breakfast Forum

    2012.03.29 Thursday View : 1,472

    SUBJECT: KORUS FTA as a National Development Strategy DATE: 2012-3-28 LOCATION: Lotte Hotel, Seoul GUEST SPEAKER: Duk-soo Han, Chairman & CEO, Korea International Trade Association On March 28, 2012, the Sejong Institute held its 8th Sejong National Strategy Breakfast Forum in the Lotte Hotel with Chairman Duk-soo Han as guest sp...


  • KORUS FTA as a National Development Strategy

    2012.03.28 Wednesday View : 1,535 Duck soo Han