Academic Events

The Sejong Institute holds small-scale academic workshops, such as visiting fellow and expert seminars and breakfast forums.



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  • The 17th Visiting Fellow Seminar

    2014.02.27 Thursday View : 1,311

    SUBJECT: The 17th Visiting Fellow Seminar DATE: 2014-02-25 LOCATION: Round Table Meeting Room, Sejong Institute TOPIC: Changes in Buildings and Structures in Pyongyang PRESENTATION: Dr. Ki Hyuk Kim MODERATOR: Dr. Myeon-woo Lee The Sejong Institute held its 17th Visiting Fellow Seminar on Feb.25, 2014, with Dr. Ki Hyuk Kim. Dr....


  • The 2014 2nd Policy Symposium

    2014.02.27 Thursday View : 1,176

    On February 19, 2014, the Sejong Institute held the second Policy Symposium, with Professor Gerald Curtis from Columbia University, on the subject of the Abe Cabinet’s foreign policy and the ROK-Japan Relations. According to Prof. Curtis, who is an expert in Japan studies, despite concerns associated with the Abe Cabinet in its ea...


  • The 2014 1st Policy Symposium

    2014.02.12 Wednesday View : 1,250

    On February 11, the Sejong Institute held the 1st Policy Symposium with Fraser Ronald, analyst at Canada's Department of National Defence, on the subject of “the current Northeast Asia.” The discussion was participated by the Vice President and senior researchers of the Sejong Institute. The participants freely discussed about curr...


  • The 2014 1st Sejong Roundtable 

    2014.01.14 Tuesday View : 1,260

    On January 14, the Sejong Institute held the first Roundtable in 2014, under the title “Current Issues and Challenges in Northeast Asia,” with the Hungarian MFA delegation, led by Mr. Adam Szestay, Director General of the Strategic Planning Department. The discussion was led by Dr. Eunsook Chung and attended by President Song and the...

  • The 4th Roundtable Discussion 

    2013.08.06 Tuesday View : 1,532

    The Sejong Institute held the 4th Roundtable Discussion on August 5, 2013 with representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam. The participants, including President Daesung Song, Dr. Lee Tae-hwan, Lee Dae-woo and Eom Sang-yoon, discussed and exchanged their opinions on the Park administration’s foreign policy, the curr...


  • The 3rd Roundtable Discussion 

    2013.05.10 Friday View : 1,490

    On May 10, 2013, the Sejong Institute held the 3rd roundtable discussion with Israeli experts on North Korea. (The names are closed to the public as requested) The experts analyzed the Kim Jong Un regime’s political moves and relations with China and the Middle East.The discussion was operated by Dr. Sang Hwa Chung and attended by...


  • The 2nd Roundtable Discussion: PILDAT

    2013.04.24 Wednesday View : 1,373 Chul ho Chung, Dae sung Song

    The Sejong Institute held the 2nd Roundtable Discussion on April 23, 2013 with representatives from PILDAT (Pakistan Institute of Legislative Development And Transparency). Before the discussion, Dr. Chul-ho Chong gave a brief presentation on democracy in Korea and the role of the military, and held a Q&A session afterwards. The pa...


  • The 1st Roundtable Discussion: Dr. Scott B. MacDonald

    2013.04.05 Friday View : 1,469

    On April 5, 2013, the Sejong Institute held the 1st roundtable discussion with Dr. Scott B. MacDonald from MC Asset Management Holdings. Dr. MacDonald, senior managing director and head of research of MC Asset Management Holdings, LLC, raised questions about the longevity of the North Korean regime and the new Chinese government’s poli...


  • The 2nd Sejong Policy Symposium: Dr. Alon Levkowitz

    2013.03.26 Tuesday View : 1,382

    The Sejong Institute held its 2nd Policy Symposium on March 26, 2013, with Dr. Alon Levkowitz from Bar-Ilan University (BESA Center).For the past two years, there has been an ongoing debate in Israel regarding the Iranian Nuclear threat and attacking Iran’s nuclear sites. Dr. Levkowitz discussed the debate in Israel, analyzed the Iraqi...


  • The 1st Sejong Policy Symposium: Robert Kang from National Endowment for Democracy (NED)

    2013.02.15 Friday View : 1,425

    The Sejong Institute held its first Policy Symposium on February 14, 2013, with Robert Kang from National Endowment for Democracy (NED). Robert Kang presented on "The Current State of North Korea’s Market and Prospects of Its Economic Reforms". Mr. Kang analyzed the current structure and state of North Korea's market, and emphasized th...