Academic Events

The Sejong Institute holds small-scale academic workshops, such as visiting fellow and expert seminars and breakfast forums.



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  • Meeting with National Sun Yat-sen University Experts

    2017.06.28 Wednesday View : 405 Chang Soo Jin, Myon woo Lee, Soung Chul KIM, Seong-Hyon Lee, Jaehung Chung

    On Friday, June 23, the Sejong Institute invited experts from National Sun Yat-sen University and held a meeting on the THAAD deployment issue, ROK-Japan relations, and the North Korea issue. Moderated by President Jin Chang Soo, the meeting addressed the 'comfort women' issue and the THAAD deployment issue and the South Korean gove...

  • 2017 Sejong Junior Scholar Symposium

    2017.06.14 Wednesday View : 997 Seo Jungkun, Ahn Kyung-Mo, Cha Taesuh, Chun Ja-Hyun, Choi Hyun Jin

    On Friday, June 9, the Sejong Institute held a symposium for junior scholars with the purpose of communicating and exchanging with young scholars. Professor Seo Jungkun (Kyung Hee University), Professor Ahn Kyung-Mo (Korea National Defense University), Professor Cha Taesuh (Chung-Ang University), Professor Chun Ja-Hyun (Korea Univ...


  • Republic of China's DPP Delegation Visit to the Sejong Institute

    2017.05.15 Monday View : 1,391

    On Wednesday, May 10, the Sejong Institute held a meeting with the delegation from the Democratic People’s Party of Republic of China. Led by Legislator Chen Ming-wen, the delegation discussed the changes in domestic politics and inter-Korean relations after the inauguration of the new administration, the political environment surr...


  • Expert Seminar - Finnish Defense Forces 

    2017.04.25 Tuesday View : 551 Sang Hyun Lee, Kari Juutilainen, Hanna Aranni

    On April 25, 2017, the Sejong Institute invited two researchers of the Finnish Defense Forces, Defense Command HQ, Dr. Kari Juutilainen and Ms. Hanna Aranni, and discussed issues residing in Northeast Asia.


  • Visit by the Vice President of the Institute of International and Strategic Studies at Peking University 

    2017.04.21 Friday View : 2,569

    On Thursday, April 20, the Sejong Institute held a special meeting with President Jin Chang Soo and Research Fellow Chung Jaehung from the Sejong Institute and Vice President Guan Guihai, Professor Pan Nini, Li Fangqi from the Chinese delegation and Lee In-hyuck and Lee Gwang-chul from Korea Foundation. The meeting comprehensively d...


  • Study Group on China’s Security and Foreign Affairs Seminar

    2017.03.21 Tuesday View : 662 Jaehung Chung, Park Jae Jeok

    On March 18, the Sejong Institute hosted the seminar by the Study Group on China’s Security and Foreign Affairs. The meeting began with presentations by Chung Jaehung (Research Fellow, the Sejong Institute) and Park Jae Jeok (Professor, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies) on “THAAD Deployment and Thoughts on ROK-China Relations” and ...


  • Advisory Meeting with Former Sejong Fellows

    2017.02.17 Friday View : 572 Chang Soo Jin, Un-Chul Yang, Kim Tae-Hyun, Kim Jae Cheol, Ryu Seok-jin, Lee Hochul, Jo Sung-Hwan

    On Wednesday, February 15, the Sejong Institute held a advisory meeting with former Sejong research fellows. Beginning with welcoming message and introductory message from President Jin Chang Soo and Vice President Yang Un-Chul, the participants, including Kim Tae-Hyun (Professor, Chung-Ang University), Kim Jae Cheol (Professor, Cathol...


  • 2016 Special Expert Seminar

    2016.11.29 Tuesday View : 502 Sang Hyun Lee, Un-Chul Yang, Eunsook Chung, Soung Chul Kim

    On Friday, November 25, 2016, the Sejong Institute invited Michael Yahuda (Professor Emeritus, London School of Economics) and held a special seminar on “The political landscape in Northeast Asia and U.S.-China Relations after the U.S. Presidential Elections.” Considering Trump’s businessman-type characteristics of preferring ‘one-...

  • Seminar on Russo-Japanese Territorial Dispute

    2016.11.08 Tuesday View : 559 Myon woo Lee, Chang Soo Jin, Tai-Kang Choi, Yanghyeon Jo, Jae-nam Ko

    On Monday, November 7, 2016, the Sejong Institute held a seminar on Russo-Japanese territorial dispute. With the topic of “Russo-Japanese Territorial Dispute: Implications for Korea-Japan Dokdo Issue,” the seminar comprised of Professor Tai-Kang Choi (Hallym University), the presenter, and the discussants including President Chang-...

  • Special Roundtable Discussion with the Chairman of Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Latvian Parliament

    2016.10.27 Thursday View : 581 Un-Chul Yang, Sang Hyun Lee, Kisoo Kim, Seong-Hyon Lee

    On Wednesday, October 19, 2016, the Sejong Institute held a roundtable discussion with the Latvian delegation including MP Ojārs Ēriks Kalniņš (Chairman of Committee on Foreign Affairs at Saeima (Latvian Parliament)) and Latvian Ambassador Pēteris Vaivars to the Republic of Korea. The roundtable was arranged thanks to Chairman Kalni...