Academic Events

The Sejong Institute holds small-scale academic workshops, such as visiting fellow and expert seminars and breakfast forums.



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  • 7th Research Council on Foreign Affairs, National Security, and Unification

    2017.11.02 Thursday View : 647

    On November 1, the Sejong Institute held the 7th Research Council on Foreign Affairs, National Security, and Unification of the year. With the purpose of holding regular meeting among the head of research institutes in the field of foreign affairs and national security and of establishing a network of analysis of pending issues in the ...


  • Expert Seminar - Former UK Amb. John Everard to the DPRK 

    2017.11.01 Wednesday View : 177

    On Friday, October 20, the Sejong Institute invited former UK Ambassador to the DPRK John Everard and held a seminar on the North Korean affairs.   ​


  • Sejong Institute-Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Workshop

    2017.09.12 Tuesday View : 912

    On Monday, September 11, the Sejong Institute and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace jointly held a workshop in Washington D.C. With the topic "The US-ROK Alliance in Turbulent Times," the workshop assembled a number of Korean and U.S. experts including Sejong fellows and the participants discussed the Moon Jae-in administr...


  • Sejong Meeting with China Association for International Friendly Contact

    2017.09.07 Thursday View : 202

    On Wednesday, September 6, the Sejong Institute held a meeting with China Association for International Friendly Contact (CAIFC).  


  • Sejong Meeting with Pangoal Institution

    2017.09.06 Wednesday View : 635

    On Wednesday, September 6, the Sejong Institute held a meeting with Pangoal Institution fellows. Sejong fellows including President Jin Chang Soo and Vice President for Research Planning Lee Sang Hyun, five international relations experts, and Pangoal Institution research fellows participated in the meeting purposed to establish ROK-Ch...


  • Sejong Meeting with Journalists in China

    2017.09.06 Wednesday View : 180

    On Wednesday, September 6, the Sejong Institute held a meeting with Chinese journalists in Beijing. The Sejong fellows including President Jin Chang Soo and Vice President for Research Planning Lee Sang Hyun met with international relations experts and major Korean media correspondents in Beijing and discussed the Chinese public op...


  • Meeting with Foreign Journalists on Korean Peninsula Issues

    2017.08.30 Wednesday View : 169 Seong-Hyon Lee

    On Wednesday, August 30, the Sejong Institute held a meeting with foreign journalists invited by the International Exchange Promotion Association(INEPA) and Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Research Fellow Lee Seong-Hyon had a Q&A session with the journalists on the South Korean security situation against the North Korean p...


  • 2017 Sejong Advisory Meeting

    2017.08.18 Friday View : 448

    On Thursday, August 17, the Sejong Institute held the "2017 Sejong Advisory Meeting" at the institute. This meeting intended to evaluate the research projects in 2017 and to discuss the research topics and measures to develop the institute in 2018. The list of advisers included Professor Koh You-hwan (Dongguk University), Professo...


  • Sejong-JoongAng Meeting

    2017.08.18 Friday View : 253 Chang Soo Jin, Sang Hyun Lee, Cheong Seong-Chang, Jaehung Chung, Cho Nam-hoon, Kwon Tae-hwan, and Kim Min-seok

    On Wednesday, August 16, the Sejong Institute held a meeting on the topic of “Analyzing and Prospecting the Crisis on the Korean Peninsula” with the Joong-Ang Ilbo. Participants, including President Jin Chang Soo, Vice President for Research Planning Lee Sang-Hyun, Director Cheong Seong-Chang, and Research Fellow Chung Jaehung from...


  • Meeting with the RAND Delegation

    2017.08.11 Friday View : 186 Un-Chul Yang, 이상현, 백학순, 정은숙, Bruce Bennett, Rafiq Dossani, Scott Harold

    On Thursday, August 10, the Sejong Institute held a meeting with RAND delegation on the topic of the North Korean nuclear issue and the political landscape surrounding the Korean Peninsula. Dr. Bruce Bennett of the RAND Corporation presented on the North Korean provocations in early 2017. It was followed by discussions among the Se...