Academic Events

The Sejong Institute holds small-scale academic workshops, such as visiting fellow and expert seminars and breakfast forums.



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  • 3rd Roundtable Discussion with Indian Delegation

    2011.05.02 Monday View : 1,240

    SUBJECT: The 3rd Roundtable Discussion with Indian Delegation DATE: 2011-04-29 VENUE: The Sejong Institute Small Conference Room THEME: North Korea's Political and Military Policies and Implications for the Region MODERATOR: Dr. Un-chul Yang, Director of Office for Unification Strategy Studies PARTICIPANTS: From India - Lt G...


  • Roundtable Discussion with Australian Delegation

    2011.03.09 Wednesday View : 1,196

    SUBJECT: Roundtable Discussion with Australian Delegation DATE: 2011-03-07 LOCATION: Small Conference Room, Sejong Institute MODERATOR: Dr. Un-chul Yang, Director for North Korea Studies, Sejong Institute TOPIC: North Korean Issues The Sejong Institute held a roundtable discussion on March 7, 2011, with an Australian delega...


  • Reality of International Politics in Northeast Asia

    2011.03.02 Wednesday View : 532 Michael Armacost


  • Global Korea's Unification Policy

    2011.03.02 Wednesday View : 584 Sang Woo Lee


  • The 5th Sejong National Strategy Breakfast Forum

    2011.03.02 Wednesday View : 1,195

    SUBJECT: The 5th Sejong National Strategy Breakfast Forum DATE: 2011-02-25 LOCATION: Lotte Hotel, Seoul TOPIC: Global Korea's Unification Policy GUEST SPEAKER: Sang Woo Lee, Director of the New Asia Research Institute The Sejong Institute held its 5th National Strategy Breakfast Forum in the Lotte Hotel, Seoul, on February ...


  • The 1st Policy Symposium

    2011.01.19 Wednesday View : 1,214

    SUBJECT: The 1st Policy Symposium DATE: 2011-01-15 LOCATION: Emerald Room, Lette Hotel, Seoul MODERATOR: Dr. Chang-soo Jin, Director of Center for Japan Studies SPEAKER: Japanese Foreign Minister Maehara TOPIC: Development of Korea-Japan Relationship The symposium started with Sejong President Dr. Dae-sung Song's opening addre...


  • The 8th Visiting Fellow Seminar

    2011.01.13 Thursday View : 1,235

    SUBJECT: The 8th Visiting Fellow Seminar DATE: 2011-01-12 LOCATION: Small Conference Room, Sejong Institute TOPIC: Renegotiation Conditions for Korea-Japan FTA PRESENTATION: Dr. Do-hyung Kim MODERATOR: Dr. Eunsook Chung PARTICIPANTS: Vice President Dr. Dae-woo Lee and research fellows of the Sejong Institute The Sejong Ins...


  • The 4th Sejong National Strategy Breakfast Forum

    2010.12.02 Thursday View : 1,217

    SUBJECT: The 4th Sejong National Strategy Breakfast Forum DATE: 2010-12-02 LOCATION: Lotte Hotel, Seoul The Sejong Institute held its 4th National Strategy Breakfast Forum in the Lotte Hotel Seoul on December 2, 2010, with former US ambassador to Japan Michael Armacost as special speaker on "The Reality of International Politics ...


  • North Korea Policy Symposium

    2010.11.30 Tuesday View : 1,246

    SUBJECT: North Korean Food Crisis and Problem Solution DATE: 2010-11-25 LOCATION: Imperial Palace Hotel, Seoul The Sejong Institute hosted a North Korea Policy Symposium in the Imperial Palace Hotel in Seoul on November 25, 2010, to discuss North Korean food crisis and problem solution. The symposium started with Dr. Dae-sung Son...


  • The 7th Visiting Fellow Seminar

    2010.11.22 Monday View : 1,215

    SUBJECT: The 7th Visiting Fellow Seminar DATE: 2010-11-17 LOCATION: Sejong Small Conference Room Moderator: Dr. Eunsook Chung Presentation: Dr. Jae-ha Pak Topic: New Industrial Approaches of Information Technology and Intellectual Property toward Superadvanced Country Participants: Sejong President Dr. Dae-sung Song and Se...