Academic Events

The Sejong Institute holds small-scale academic workshops, such as visiting fellow and expert seminars and breakfast forums.



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  • The 9th Visiting Fellow Seminar: Dr. Choong-nam Kim

    2011.07.11 Monday View : 1,227

    SUBJECT: The 9th Visiting Fellow Seminar DATE: 2011-07-06 LOCATION: Small Conference Room, Sejong Institute TOPIC: Assessing Korea’s Strategic Options Based on Potential National Benefits PRESENTATION: Dr. Choong-nam Kim MODERATOR: Dr. Un-chul Yang PARTICIPANTS: President Dr. Daesung Song and research fellows of the Sejong Instit...


  • An Outlook for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety

    2011.07.06 Wednesday View : 688 Professor John C. Lee Dep


  • The 3rd Policy Symposium: Dr. Alon Levkowitz

    2011.07.01 Friday View : 1,254

    The 3rd Policy Symposium: Dr. Alon Levkowitz Date: 2011-6-27 Location: Sejong Small Conference Room The Sejong Institute hosted the 3rd Policy Symposium on June 27, 2011. Professor Alon Levkowitz from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, lectured on the topic “complications between ROK and the Middle East: Re-evaluating their relatio...


  • The 6th Sejong National Strategy Breakfast Forum

    2011.05.30 Monday View : 1,256

    SUBJECT: Safety of Radioactivity DATE: 2011-05-27 LOCATION: Plaza Hotel, Seoul GUEST SPEAKER: Dr. John C. Lee On May 27, 2011, the Sejong Institute held its 6th National Strategy Breakfast Forum in the Plaza Hotel with Dr. John C. Lee as guest speaker on safety and risk of radioactivity in the operation of nuclear power plants ...


  • 2nd Roundtable Discussion with CICIR

    2011.05.02 Monday View : 1,198

    SUBJECT: The 2nd Roundtable Discussion with CICIR DATE: 2011-04-27 VENUE: The Sejong Institute Small Conference Room THEME: Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia Regional Security MODERATOR: Dr. Tai-hwan Lee, Director of Office for Regional Issue Studies PARTICIPANTS: CICIR - Fu Menzi and 5 other research fellows ...


  • 3rd Roundtable Discussion with Indian Delegation

    2011.05.02 Monday View : 1,284

    SUBJECT: The 3rd Roundtable Discussion with Indian Delegation DATE: 2011-04-29 VENUE: The Sejong Institute Small Conference Room THEME: North Korea's Political and Military Policies and Implications for the Region MODERATOR: Dr. Un-chul Yang, Director of Office for Unification Strategy Studies PARTICIPANTS: From India - Lt G...


  • Roundtable Discussion with Australian Delegation

    2011.03.09 Wednesday View : 1,239

    SUBJECT: Roundtable Discussion with Australian Delegation DATE: 2011-03-07 LOCATION: Small Conference Room, Sejong Institute MODERATOR: Dr. Un-chul Yang, Director for North Korea Studies, Sejong Institute TOPIC: North Korean Issues The Sejong Institute held a roundtable discussion on March 7, 2011, with an Australian delega...


  • Reality of International Politics in Northeast Asia

    2011.03.02 Wednesday View : 577 Michael Armacost


  • Global Korea's Unification Policy

    2011.03.02 Wednesday View : 638 Sang Woo Lee


  • The 5th Sejong National Strategy Breakfast Forum

    2011.03.02 Wednesday View : 1,237

    SUBJECT: The 5th Sejong National Strategy Breakfast Forum DATE: 2011-02-25 LOCATION: Lotte Hotel, Seoul TOPIC: Global Korea's Unification Policy GUEST SPEAKER: Sang Woo Lee, Director of the New Asia Research Institute The Sejong Institute held its 5th National Strategy Breakfast Forum in the Lotte Hotel, Seoul, on February ...