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International Conference
The Sejong Institute holds international conferences with world-renowned research institutions to facilitate academic exchanges and cooperation and enhance and build network.

International Conference


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  • 2015 Northeast Asia Peace and Cooperation (NAPCI) Forum 

    2015.11.04 Wednesday View : 1,395

    The Northeast Asia Peace and Cooperation (NAPCI) Forum was held from October 27th to 29th at Grand Hilton, Seoul. The forum was hosted by the Sejong Institute and sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea. For more information, please refer to the attached document or visit the following website

  • ROK-China-Japan Trilateral Future Forum

    2015.11.02 Monday View : 909

    The 1st ROK-China-Japan Trilateral Future Forum was held on October 21, 2015. The forum was hosted by the Sejong Institute and the Seoul Economic Daily and sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea. The trilateral meeting invited experts of the three countries’ various academic circles and provided a forum...


  • The 21st SEJONG-CICIR International Conference 

    2015.09.16 Wednesday View : 1,104

    On September 14, 2015, the Sejong Institute held the 21st SEJONG-CICIR International Conference under the title of “East Asia 2015 and Unification of the Korean Peninsula.” The Sejong Institute and the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations (CICIR). The conference was attended by Sejong research fellows and the CICIR ...

  • The 18th ROK-Japan Policy Dialogue 

    2015.08.31 Monday View : 741

    President Chang Soo Jin attended the 18th ROK-Japan Policy Dialogue, a private forum constituted of experts of Korea and Japan and government officials, from July 8-10 (3 days).


  • Sejong Institute-Yanbian University Academic Conference  

    2015.08.27 Thursday View : 1,058

    The Sejong Institute and the Yanbian University held an academic conference under the title of “Northeast Asia and Direction of the ROK-DPRK-China Cooperation” in Jilin Province, China, on August 24, 2015. The experts of the Sejong Institute and Yanbian University exchanged their views on North Korea’s economic reform and opening-up, d...


  • ROK-Japan Strategic Forum 

    2015.08.25 Tuesday View : 1,090

    ROK-Japan Strategic Forum On August 21, 2015, President Chang Soo Jin and Chairman of the Korea Foundation, Hyun Suk Yoo co-hosted the ROK-Japan Strategic Forum at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) in Tokyo, Japan. The forum was attended by: From Korea -Dr. Kang Choi, Vice President of the Asan Institute ...


  • Presentation on the Northeast Asia Peace and Cooperation Initiative in Japan

    2015.08.13 Thursday View : 1,155

    The Northeast Asia Peace and Cooperation Initiative Presentation, co-hosted by the Sejong Institute and Keio University and sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was held at Keio University, Japan, on July 13, 2015. This presentation was attended by 30 experts, including President Chang Soo Jin, Hee-seop Lee, minister of the So...


  • Discussion in Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the ROK-Japan Relations 

    2015.06.11 Thursday View : 1,087

    The Discussion in Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the ROK-Japan Relations was held from June 8 to 9, 2015, in Jeju, ROK. The discussion was attended by prominent experts and journalists, including Chairman of the Sejong Foundation, Joon Woo Park, President of the Sejong Institute, Chang Soo Jin. The attendees of the discussion e...


  • 2015 1st Roundtable Discussion 

    2015.03.17 Tuesday View : 1,240

    On March 12, the Sejong Institute of the Sejong Foundation held the 1st roundtable in 2015 with a Columbian delegation led by H.E. Juan Carlos Pinzon Bueno, Minister of National Defense, and H.E. Tito Saul Pinilla Pinilla, Ambassador to Korea. The roundtable was moderated by Vice President Myon-woo Lee, and attended by Joon Woo Park, C...


  • 2014 ROK-US Strategic Forum 

    2015.01.06 Tuesday View : 1,067

    The Sejong Institute and the Heritage Foundation held the 2014 ROK-US Strategic Forum on November 5, 2014. Please see the attachment for more information.