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International Conference
The Sejong Institute holds international conferences with world-renowned research institutions to facilitate academic exchanges and cooperation and enhance and build network.

International Conference


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  • The 22nd Sejong-CICIR International Conference

    2016.09.21 Wednesday View : 1,010 Un-Chul Yang, Kisoo Kim, Miong-sei Kang, Seong-Hyon Lee, Jaehung Chung

    On Thursday, September 8th, the 22nd Sejong-CICIR international conference was held under the title of “Current Security Environment on the Korean Peninsula and Reflections on the ROK-China Relations.” Research fellows from the Sejong Institute and the China Institute of Contemporary International Relations gave presentations and were ...

  • Sejong Institute - Atlantic Council Bilateral Consultations

    2016.09.19 Monday View : 1,047 Sang Hyun Lee, Kang Choi, Robert Manning, Olin L. Wethington

    On Monday, September 19, 2016, the Sejong Institute held bilateral consultations with the Atlantic Council on the theme of “Northeast Asia Security Initiative: A Multilateral Dialogue among Five Parties U.S.-Korea Bilateral Design Consultations.”   Korean delegation consisting 12 experts and government officials including Sang H...

  • The 20th ROK-Japan Policy Dialogue (Closed session)

    2016.09.12 Monday View : 420 Chang Soo Jin, Sang Hyun Lee, Tadashi Kimiya, Tomoki Kamo

    On September 12, Monday, the Sejong Institute held ROK-Japan Policy Dialogue in Hiroshima. With the purposes of seeking directions for bilateral security cooperation, reviewing mid-to-long term policies against one another, and establishing a new ROK-Japan policy network pursuant to the political changes in Japan, this forum dealt with...

  • 2016 Sapporo Symposium on ROK-Japan Relations

    2016.07.25 Monday View : 502

    On July 15, 2016 (Friday), the Sejong Institute held its 2nd Symposium on ROK-Japan Relations in Sapporo at Hokkaido University on the topic of “Renewed Korea-Japan Relations and the Future.” The Symposium aimed to highlight the significance of ROK-Japan relations, develop a friendly atmosphere in public opinion, effectively positi...

  • 2016 Sejong Institute—Yanbian University Korean Peninsula Research Center Joint Academic Conference

    2016.07.06 Wednesday View : 1,487

    2016 Sejong Institute—Yanbian University Korean Peninsula Research Center Joint Academic Conference was held on Thursday, June 30, 2016 at Yanbian University in China, on the theme of ‘Changing Situations in Northeast Asia and ROK-China Cooperation.’ The Conference was conducted in three closed sessions under the following subjects: ‘C...

  • The 16th Korea-U.S. West Coast Strategic Forum

    2016.07.06 Wednesday View : 1,085

    The 16th Korea-U.S. West Coast Strategic Forum was held on Tuesday, June 29, 2016, at Stanford University, starting with welcoming remarks by Gi-Wook Shin, Director of APARC of Stanford University, and Joon-woo Park, Chairman of the Sejong Institute. Participating experts from Korea and the U.S., including William Perry, former U.S...

  • 2016 Sejong Institute-Huanqiu Shibao Strategic Dialogue 

    2016.06.30 Thursday View : 1,252 Chang Soo Jin, Seong-chang Cheong, Kisoo Kim, Jaehung Chung, Seong-Hyon Lee

    On Wednesday, June 22, 2016, the Sejong Institute visited China's Global Times (Huanqiu Shibao) in Beijing and held the first Sejong Institute-Huanqiu Shibao Strategic Dialogue. President Chang Soo Jin and our research fellows Dr. Seong-chang Cheong, Dr. Kisoo Kim, Dr. Jaehung Chung, and Dr. Seong-Hyon Lee participate...


  • Sejong Institute-Hiroshima Peace Institute Joint Academic Forum

    2016.06.21 Tuesday View : 570

    On Monday, June 20, 2016, the Sejong Institute held a joint academic forum with the Hiroshima Peace Institute. A delegation of four professors led by Professor and President Gen Kikkawa visited the Sejong Institute for discussions on a variety of subjects including (a) North Korea's nuclear prolife...

  • 2016 1st Sejong ROK-Russia Forum

    2016.06.10 Friday View : 612 Hyun-ik Hong, Eunsook Chung, Tai Hwan Lee

    In order to contribute to the improvement of the bilateral relations between the Republic of Korea and Russia and help find specific implementation measures for South Korea's Eurasia Initiative against the backdrop of North Korea's fourth nuclear weapons test earlier this year and the seventh Workers' Party Congress last May, the Se...

  • 2016 Osaka Symposium on ROK-Japan Relations

    2016.04.11 Monday View : 2,450 Chang Soo Jin, Seong-chang Cheong, Daewoo Lee, Osawa Boonko, Tai Hwan Kwon

    2016 Osaka Symposium on ROK-Japan Relations   On April 8, 2016, the Sejong Institute held its 2nd Symposium on ROK-Japan Relations in Osaka, Japan on the theme of “Current Affairs Surrounding North Korea and Expectation for the ROK-Japan Relations.” South Korea’s Consul General to Osaka Ha Tae-yun gave his congratulatory re...