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International Conference
The Sejong Institute holds international conferences with world-renowned research institutions to facilitate academic exchanges and cooperation and enhance and build network.

International Conference


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  • [NAPCI] Korea-Russia NAPCI Public-Private Network Conference

    2016.11.23 Wednesday View : 348

    On Monday, November 21, 2016, the Sejong Institute held Korea-Russia NAPCI public-private network conference at the Far Eastern Federal University in Vladivostok. The conference, hosted by the Sejong Institute and the International Relations Department of the Far Eastern Federal University and sponsored by the South Korean Ministry of ...

  • Seminar on South Korea-U.S. Relations in the Age of Internet

    2016.11.22 Tuesday View : 398 Un-Chul Yang, Intaek Han, Jung-Yeop Woo, Seong-ho Sheen, Namhee Lee, Tim Groeling, Barry Sanders, Judy Milestone

    On Thursday, November 17, the Sejong Institute held a seminar with University of California Los Angeles on the topic of “South Korea-U.S. Relations in the Age of Internet” in Los Angeles. Beginning with the opening remarks from UCLA Korean Studies co-Director Professor Namhee Lee and Sejong Institute Vice President Un-Chul Yang, t...

  • Seminar on Strengthening South Korea-U.S. Relations through Digital Public Diplomacy

    2016.11.22 Tuesday View : 434 Un-Chul Yang, Intaek Han, Jung-Yeop Woo, Seong-ho Sheen, David Kang, Andrew Bertoli, Marco Milani

    On Wednesday, November 16, the Sejong Institute held a seminar with University of Southern California on the topic of “Strengthening South Korea-U.S. Relations through Digital Public Diplomacy” in Los Angeles. Beginning with the Keynote speech from USC Korean Studies Director Professor David Kang, the first session dealt with the p...

  • Sejong-Stanford APARC Symposium

    2016.11.16 Wednesday View : 1,093

    On Tuesday, November 15, 2016, the Sejong Institute held a symposium with Stanford APARC on the topic of ‘The New U.S. Administration’s East Asian Policy and the Korean Peninsula.’   The symposium, as part of a biannual closed discussion of ‘Sejong-West Coast Strategic Forum’ that the Sejong Insitute holds with the Stanf...

  • [NAPCI] Korea-China Network Establishing Conference

    2016.11.07 Monday View : 400 Chang Soo Jin, 이상현, 정재흥, Eunmi Choi

    On Friday, November 4, the Sejong Institute held Korea-China Network Establishing Conference in Beijing. With the purpose of establishing a network in China on Northeast Asian Peace and Cooperation Initiative (NAPCI) and evaluating the private network establishment project in 2016, the conference consisted of three sessions. &nb...


  • Sejong-NBR Joint Seminar

    2016.10.17 Monday View : 1,175 Un-Chul Yang, Chung Min Lee, Jin Kyo Suh

    On Thursday, October 13, the Sejong Institute held a joint seminar with NBR in Seattle, on the topic of "North Korea's Nuclear Weapons and Ballistic Missile Programs: Coordinating Regional Responses" to seek resolutions to the North Korean nuclear and ballistic missile program through bilateral and multilateral cooperation. Beginning w...

  • Sejong-RAND Joint Conference

    2016.10.17 Monday View : 1,061 Un-Chul Yang, Seong-ho Sheen, Chung Min Lee, Jin Kyo Suh

    For two days from October 10 to October 11, the Sejong Institute held joint conference with RAND Corporation in Santa Monica, the U.S., on the topic of "Strengthening ROK-U.S. Relations in the New Administration." The first day was a closed session and the second day was an open session with U.S. experts and scholars participating. Par...

  • 2016 ROK-Japan Press Forum

    2016.10.10 Monday View : 751

    On Friday, September 30, the Sejong Institute jointly held the ROK-Japan Press Forum in Tokyo on the topic of "Imminent Issues in ROK-Japan Relations and Press Report" with the Korea Press Foundation. The Sejong Institute and Korea Press Foundation, along with twelve Korean journalists, visited major Japanese press agencies and he...

  • 2016 Hiroshima Conference on Northeast Asian Peace and Cooperation Initiative (NAPCI)

    2016.09.21 Wednesday View : 451 Chang Soo Jin, Sang Hyun Lee, Gen Kikkawa, Mizumoto Kazumi

    On September 13, Sejong institute held a joint conference on public-private network of the Northeast Asian Peace and Cooperation Initiative (NAPCI) with Hiroshima Peace Institute. With the intent to discuss the measures and Implementation Strategies to establish NAPCI network in the region, this conference was attended by 15 Korean exp...

  • The 22nd Sejong-CICIR International Conference

    2016.09.21 Wednesday View : 973 Un-Chul Yang, Kisoo Kim, Miong-sei Kang, Seong-Hyon Lee, Jaehung Chung

    On Thursday, September 8th, the 22nd Sejong-CICIR international conference was held under the title of “Current Security Environment on the Korean Peninsula and Reflections on the ROK-China Relations.” Research fellows from the Sejong Institute and the China Institute of Contemporary International Relations gave presentations and were ...