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International Conference
The Sejong Institute holds international conferences with world-renowned research institutions to facilitate academic exchanges and cooperation and enhance and build network.

International Conference


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  • 2017 Sejong Institute-Yanbian University Centre for Korean Peninsula Studies  Joint International Conference

    2017.07.14 Friday View : 1,043 Cheong Seong-Chang, Haksoon Paik, Seong-Hyon Lee, Woo Jung-Yeop

    On Thursday, July 6, the Sejong Institute held a joint international conference with the Centre for Korean Peninsula Studies at Yanbian University. Marking the third term, this conference brought together research fellows from Sejong Institute and Chinese experts in Northeast Asia. The participants discussed the political environmen...

  • The 17th West Coast Strategic Forum

    2017.07.05 Wednesday View : 1,091 Sang Hyun Lee, Chang Soo Jin, Yun Duk-min, Song Minsoon, Kim Joonhyung

    On Thursday, June 29, the Sejong Institute held the 17th West Coast Strategic Forum. Being a closed session, around 30 Korean and American experts convened to have an in-depth discussion on Northeast Asia Regional Dynamics, North Korea, and ROK-U.S. Alliance and to make policy recommendations on these themes.  ​

  • 2017 Sejong-Stanford APARC Symposium

    2017.07.05 Wednesday View : 1,164 Sang Hyun Lee, Chang Soo Jin, Michael Armacost, Kathleen Stephens

    On Wednesday, June 28, the Sejong Institute and Stanford Walter H. Shorenstein Asia–Pacific Research Center (APARC) held a public symposium at Korea Press Center under the topic, “A Step Forward: The ROK-US Alliance and North Korea.” The symposium, comprised of two sessions, began with the keynote speech from Professor Lee Su-hoon ...

  • [NAPCI] 2017 UlaanBaatar Dialogue

    2017.06.21 Wednesday View : 1,245

    On Thursday, June 15, President Jin Chang Soo, Vice President for Research Planning Lee Sang Hyun, and Visiting Research Fellow Choi Eunmi and other experts on NAPCI participated in the 2017 Ulaanbaatar Dialogue. Being held for the fourth time, the Dialogue  included presentations from Dr. Lee Sang Hyun and Director Chu Jang Min o...


  • The 23rd Sejong-CICIR International Conference

    2017.06.17 Saturday View : 1,248

    On Tuesday, June 13, the Sejong Institute held the 23rd Sejong-CICIR International Conference. With the topic of "New Northeast Asian Security Landscape and ROK-China Cooperation," the conference brought together eight research fellows from the Sejong Institute and five experts from the China Institutes of Contemporary International Re...


  • 2017 ROK-Japan Relations Hiroshima Symposium 

    2017.03.31 Friday View : 937 Chang Soo Jin, Lee Sihyung, Ju Chul-ki, Kikkawa Gen, Sawada Katsumi

    On Friday, March 24, 2017 ROK-Japan Relations Hiroshima Symposium took place in Hiroshima, sponsored by the Hiroshima Peace Institute of the Hiroshima City University and ROK Consulate General in Hiroshima and hosted by the Sejong Institute and Korea Foundation. This symposium was held to make experts in Japanese universities and po...


  • 21st ROK-Japan Policy Dialogue

    2017.03.28 Tuesday View : 843 Chang Soo Jin, Lee Kisung, Kanai Masaaki, Kimiya Tadashi

    ​From March 20 to March 22, the Sejong Institute held the 21st ROK-Japan Policy Dialogue in Wonju. With the purpose of seeking directions for bilateral security cooperation following political changes in Japan, reviewing long-term South Korea’s Japan policy and vice versa, and strengthening bilateral security cooperation and policy ...

  • Sejong-CICIR Closed Meeting

    2017.03.21 Tuesday View : 1,013 Chang Soo Jin, Daewoo Lee, Jaehung Chung, Oh Gyeong-seob

    The Sejong Institute’s delegation visited China Institute of Contemporary International Relations on March 10 and held a meeting with the Chinese experts including CICIR Assistant President Hu Jiping on the topic of “Trump Administration and the Security Environment Surrounding the Korean Peninsula.” The two sides discussed on issues s...


  • Closed Meeting with CASS Institute of American Studies

    2017.03.21 Tuesday View : 840 Daewoo Lee, Jaehung Chung, Park Sang Hyun

    On March 9, Dr. Lee Daewoo and three research fellows visited Institute of American Studies of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) and discussed the Korean Peninsula’s security landscape and directions for solutions on the THAAD issue with Vice President Liu Jun. ​​ 


  • ROK-China Security Dialogue with CAIFC (closed)

    2017.03.21 Tuesday View : 864 Chang Soo Jin, Sang Hyun Lee, Jaehung Chung

    On March 9, the Sejong Institute held ROK-China Security Dialogue on the topic of “Trump Administration and the Security Environment Surrounding the Korean Peninsula” jointly with China Association for International Friendly Contact (CAIFC). The participants had an in-depth discussion on the Trump administration’s policy on the Asia-Pa...