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Domestic Conference
As a part of the institute’s mid- to long-term policy studies, the Sejong Institute holds domestic conferences to generate quality research outcomes and contribute to social and national development.

Domestic Conference


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  • Seminar on Inter-Korean Relations and Gaesong Industrial District

    2018.07.03 Tuesday View : 751

      On June 28, 2018, the Sejong Institute and Gaesong Industrial District Foundation held a seminar on the future of the Inter-Korean Relations and the Gaesong Industrial District at Seoul Press Center. The seminar started with Sejong Institute’s President Haksoon Paik’s opening remarks, Chairman of the GID Foundation Jinhyang ...


  • Sejong Institute Special Session at the Korean Association of Middle Eastern Studies Spring Academic Conference for 2018 

    2018.05.05 Saturday View : 253 Jee-Kwang Park, Seong-Hyon Lee

    On April 28, Saturday, the Sejong Institute held a special session within the Spring Academic Conference of the Korean Association of Middle Eastern Studies for 2018. Chaired by Professor Chung Sang Ryul of Myongji University, the Sejong Institute Special Session was held on the topic of “Changing International Security Environment and...


  • Sejong-JPI Meeting on Foreign Affairs and National Security 

    2018.04.20 Friday View : 1,660

    On Friday, April 20, the Sejong Institute held a meeting on foreign affairs and national security on the topic of “Multilateral Cooperation in Northeast Asia: Current Affairs and Outlook” at the Jeju Peace Institute (JPI), sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The participants such as Sejong fellows including President Jin Chan...


  • Sejong National Strategy Forum: The Inter-Korean Summit in 2018 and the Strategy to Dismantle the Cold War Structure Surrounding the Korean Peninsula

    2018.04.12 Thursday View : 2,122

    ​On Thursday, April 12, the Sejong Institute held the Sejong National Strategy Forum jointly with the Presidential Committee on Policy Planning on the topic of “The Inter-Korean Summit in 2018 and the Strategy to Dismantle the Cold War Structure Surrounding the Korean Peninsula.” The forum began with the introductory remarks by Pre...


  • Sejong Institute Panel Session - KANKS Spring Conference

    2018.03.30 Friday View : 693 Un-Chul Yang, Cheong Seong-Chang, Jae hung Chung

    ​On Friday, March 30, the Sejong Institute held a panel session on the topic of “the Third Inter-Korean Summit and the Strategy for Peace on the Korean Peninsula” as part of the Spring Conference of the Korean Association of North Korean Studies (KANKS) in Dongguk University. Chaired by Vice President Yang Un-chul (the Sejong Insti...


  • 34th Sejong National Strategy Forum 

    2017.10.20 Friday View : 1,117

    On Thursday, October 19, the Sejong Insitute held the 34th Sejong National Strategy Forum on the topic of "the Moon Jae-in Administration's National Strategy for Peace and Prosperity on the Korean Peninsula." The forum began with President Jin Chang Soo's opening remarks, Chairperson Park Joon-woo's welcoming remarks, and Vice Unificat...


  • Sejong-KACJS Summer Academic Conference

    2017.08.23 Wednesday View : 484 Chang Soo Jin, Myon woo Lee, Park Chul-Hee, Kim Sang-jun, Yang Ki-ho

    On Tuesday, August 22, the Sejong Institute with the Korean Association for Contemporary Japanese Studies (KACJS) held the Sejong-KACJS summer academic conference on the topic of “Special Panel II: Comparing Korea and Japan’s Perspective on Northeast Asian Order” with the sponsorship of the Northeast Asian History Foundation. KACJS...


  • 2017 Gyeongju Forum

    2017.08.21 Monday View : 875

    From August 18 to 19, the Sejong Institute held the 2017 Gyeongju Forum on the topic of “Moon Jae-in Administration’s Diplomacy of Multilateral Cooperation in Northeast Asia: Issues and Tasks.” The first day comprised of two sessions, “Public-Private Network Establishment in Northeast Asia Cooperation Initiative: Achievements and ...


  • Sejong Panel Session at Summer Academic Conference of Korean Association of International Studies

    2017.07.05 Wednesday View : 804

    On Friday, June 30, the Sejong Institute held a special session as part of the Summer Academic Conference of Korean Association of International Studies at Chonbuk National University. With the purpose of providing a venue to address the new administration’s foreign policy orientation and policy recommendation as well as publicizing...

  • [NAPCI] 2nd Cyberspace Expert Seminar 

    2017.06.27 Tuesday View : 536

    On Monday, June 26, the Sejong Institute held the second expert seminar on cyberspace jointly with the Center for Cyber Security Policy of Korea University at the Lotte Hotel. On the topic of “Tasks for International Cooperation and Implementation Measures in the Area of Cyberspace,” the participants including government experts and...