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  • 2017 Special Colloquium with Prof. Emeritus Lee Chae-Jin of Claremont McKenna College

    2017.05.24 Wednesday View : 484 Daewoo Lee, Cheong Seong-Chang, Soung Chul KIM, Un-Chul Yang, Lee Chae-Jin

    On Monday, May 22, Professor Emeritus Lee Chae-Jin of Claremont McKenna College visited the Institute and presented on the topic of "the Era of Trump and the Korean Peninsula's Future." With the moderation by Director Lee Daewoo, Professor Lee assessed the theoretical trend and achievements of the Trump diplomacy through the compara...


  • 2017 Special Colloquium with Professor Terence Roehrig(US Naval War College)

    2017.05.22 Monday View : 529 William David Straub, Sang Hyun Lee, Soung Chul KIM, Seong-Hyon Lee, Jaehung Chung, Terence Roehrig

    On Friday, May 19, the Sejong Institute invited Professor Terence Roehrig of U.S. Naval War College and held a special colloquium on "the Trump Administration's Asia Strategy and Northeast Asian Security." 


  • 2017 Special Colloquium with U.S. Chargé d’Affaires ad interim Mark Knapper

    2017.05.19 Friday View : 440 Chang Soo Jin, Un-Chul Yang, Sang Hyun Lee, Marc Knapper, Richard Blackwood

    On Wednesday, May 17, Chargé d’Affaires ad interim Mark Knapper of the U.S. Embassy in Korea visited the Sejong Institute and shared views with the Sejong fellows including Chairperson Park Joon-woo and President Jin Chang Soo on various issues, the North Korean nuclear issue and ROK-U.S. relations among others. 


  • 2017 Special Colloquium with CATO Institute's Doug Bandow

    2017.05.13 Saturday View : 477 Sang Hyun Lee, Un-Chul Yang, Seong-Hyon Lee, Jaehung Chung, Doug Bandow

    On Thursday, May 11, the Sejong Institute held a special colloquium with Senior Fellow Doug Bandow of the Cato Institute. In the colloquium on the topic of “ROK-U.S. Relations in the Era of Trump” moderated by Vice President for Research Lee Sang Hyun, Doug Bandow stated that the ROK-U.S. relations will encounter many challenges and ta...


  • 2017 9th Colloquium 

    2017.05.10 Wednesday View : 2,212 Daewoo Lee, Kyu Dok Hong, Chang soo Jin, Un-chul Yang

      On May 8, 2017, the Sejong Institute invited Prof. Hong Kyu Dok of the Sookmyung Women’s University and held its 2017 9th Colloquium on the subject of defense innovation. The colloquium, moderated by Dr. Lee Dae-woo, director of the Department of Security Strategy Studies, featured a presentation by Prof. Hong. Hong assessed th...


  • 2017 8th Colloquium 

    2017.04.25 Tuesday View : 2,540 Soung Chul KIM, Myon-woo Lee, Chang-soo Jin

      On April 25, 2017, the Sejong Institute held the 8th Sejong Colloquium on the subject of “the U.S.-Japan Relations under Trump and Abe: Foreign Policy and Prospects.” Moderated by Director Myon-woo Lee, the colloquium featured a presentation by Dr. Soung-Chul Kim. Dr. Kim assessed the U.S.-Japan Relations under the Trump Adm...


  • 2017 7th Colloquium

    2017.04.18 Tuesday View : 1,700 Seong-Hyon Lee, Sang Hyun Lee, Jaehung Chung

    On Tuesday, April 11, the Sejong Institute held the seventh colloquium on "Trump-Xi Summit and Korean Geopolitics." With Director Cheong Seong-Chang as the moderator, Dr. Lee Seong-hyon assessed the outcomes of the Trump-Xi summit and addressed its influence on the Korean Peninsula. Vice President for Research Lee Sang Hyun and Dr. Chu...


  • 2017 6th Colloquium

    2017.03.31 Friday View : 1,214 Daewoo Lee, Sang Hyun Lee, Un-Chul Yang

    On Tuesday, March 28, the Sejong Institute held 2017 6th Colloquium on the subject of “THAAD.” Moderated by Vice President for Research Lee Sang Hyun, the colloquium was led by the presentation from Director Lee Daewoo, reviewing the necessity of THAAD batteries through the installment of three-axis defense system (KAMD, Korea Air ...


  • 2017 5th Colloquium

    2017.03.21 Tuesday View : 1,354 Jeeyoung Park, Chang Soo Jin, Sang Hyun Lee, Myon woo Lee

    On Tuesday, March 14, the Sejong Institute held its 5th Colloquium of the year. Moderated by Director Lee Myon woo of the Institute’s Diplomatic Strategy Studies Department, the colloquium on the topic of “Background and Outlook on the Trump Administration’s Anti-Immigration Policy” was presented by Visiting Research Fellow Park Je...


  • 2017 4th Colloquium

    2017.03.03 Friday View : 2,111 Lee Yunkeol, Cheong Seong-Chang, Sang Hyun Lee, Daewoo Lee

    On Tuesday, February 28, the Sejong Institute held the fourth Colloquium of the year on the topic of “North Korea’s Nuclear and Missile Development and Weaponization: Current Status and Outlook.” With Director Cheong Seong-Chang as the moderator, Visiting Research Fellow Lee Yunkeol presented North Korea’s strategy on nuclear and m...