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  • 2017 19th Colloquium

    2017.10.19 Thursday View : 4,948 Jung Eun-yi

    On Wednesday, October 18, the Sejong institute invited Dr. Jung Eun-yi of Korea Exim Bank, and held the 19th policy colloquium on "North Korean Transaction System: the Establishment and Development Viewed from the Association with the DPRK-China Trade." 


  • 2017 18th Colloquium

    2017.09.30 Saturday View : 3,903 Sang Hyun Lee, Woo Jung-Yeop

    On Tuesday, September 26, the Sejong Institute held the 18th colloquium of the year on the topic of “U.S. Policy regarding North Korea and ROK-U.S. Relations after North Korea’s Sixth Nuclear Test.” With Director Lee Myon-woo’s moderation, Vice President for Research Planning Lee Sang Hyun and Research Fellow Woo Jung-Yeop present...


  • 2017 17th Colloquium

    2017.09.12 Tuesday View : 4,249 Kisoo Kim

    On Tuesday, September 12, the Sejong Institute held the 17th colloquium of the year on the topic of ”U.S. Protectionism and U.S.-China Economic Dispute: Politicization of Protectionism.” Director Lee Myon woo moderated the colloquium and Senior Research Fellow Kim Kisoo navigated the cases of U.S. protectionism and analyzed the Tru...


  • Special Colloquium Regarding North Korea's Sixth Nuclear Test

    2017.09.06 Wednesday View : 1,031 Chang Soo Jin, Cheong Seong-Chang, Sang Hyun Lee, Jaehung Chung, Kim Jin-moo

    On Tuesday, September 5, the Sejong Institute held a special colloquium session on “South Korea’s Strategy Regarding North Korea after North Korea’s Sixth Nuclear Test.” Moderated by President Jin Chang Soo, the colloquium consisted of presentations from Director Cheong Seong-Chang, Visiting Research Fellow Kim Jin-moo, Vice Presid...


  • 2017 16th Colloquium

    2017.08.22 Tuesday View : 1,922 Un-Chul Yang, Zang Hyungsoo, Kim Suk-jin

    On August 21, the Sejong Institute held the 16th Colloquium on the topic of “Analyzing the Estimation of North Korea’s Economic Growth.” The colloquium was presented by Vice President Yang Un-Chul, Professor Zang Hyungsoo (Hanyang University), moderated by Director Cheong Seong-Chang, and commented by Research Fellow Kim Suk-jin (K...


  • 2017 15th Colloquium

    2017.08.09 Wednesday View : 2,029 Woo Jung-Yeop, Daewoo Lee, Sang Hyun Lee, Eunsook Chung

    On Tuesday, August 8, the Sejong Institute held its 15th colloquium of the year on the topic of "Analyzing Pending Issues between Korea and the U.S. after the Summit." At the colloquium, Dr. Woo Jung-Yeop presented on the perception gap existing between South Korea and the U.S. by analyzing the perceptions of figures ranging from the U...


  • 2017 Sejong Special Colloquium on the Moon Administration's Tasks on Foreign Affairs, National Security, and Unification

    2017.08.09 Wednesday View : 753 Kim Yong-hyun, Kim Joonhyung, Kim Heungkyu

    On Monday, August 7, the Sejong Institute held a special colloquium on "the Moon Jae-in Administration's Tasks on Foreign Affairs, National Security, and Unification." Professors Kim Yong-hyun, Kim Joonhyung, and Kim Heungkyu participated as presenters to touch on the administration's policy direction in the aforementioned areas and ha...


  • 2017 14th Colloquium

    2017.07.27 Thursday View : 2,518 Miong-sei Kang, Myon woo Lee, Un-Chul Yang, Haksoon Paik

    On Tuesday, July 25, the Sejong Institute held this year’s 14th colloquium. With Director Lee Myon-woo’s moderation, the colloquium was presented by Dr. Kang Miong-sei on the economic origins and political ramifications of protectionism. Senior Research Fellow Kang pointed out the importance of education level as a factor influenci...


  • 2017 13th Colloquium

    2017.07.14 Friday View : 2,429 Cheong Seong-Chang, Chang Soo Jin, Un-Chul Yang

    On Tuesday, July 11, the Sejong Institute held its 13th colloquium of the year on the topic of "The THAAD Issue and Directions for ROK-U.S.-China Cooperation." Moderated by Vice President Yang Un-chul, the colloquium began with the presentation from Director Cheong Seong-chang. He claimed that the South Korean government should use ...


  • 2017 12th Colloquium

    2017.07.04 Tuesday View : 2,653 Seok Ryul Kang, Daewoo Lee, Chang Soo Jin

      On Thursday, June 29, the Sejong Institute held its 12th colloquium of the year on the topic of “U.S-China Relations and Taiwan: Now and Future.” Visiting Research Fellow Kang Seok Ryul assessed the strategic trilateral relations among Taiwan, the U.S. and China under the Trump administration, and presented on the implicatio...